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The iCloudRemover GSM Unlocker software is writen in Microsoft Visual Studio, has a GUI (Graphical User Interface) for easely use, and use a powerfull encryption (HUID), technical support and update option, we have all the log’s and video from decoding iOS devices !. :Captureprogr NEW ! NOW iOS 7.1.X AND IOS 8 (beta) CAN BE INJECTED WITH CUSTOM DATA FOR iCLOUD UNLOCK AND BYPASS ! Our team members worked mounths to find a way to bypass or activate iCloud, and since we know that the iPhone bootrom is very small and fast and any exploit give many errors, we found two method’s to unlock, bypass and fully activate a iPhone, iPad devices.All this methods has been integrated in a software program iCloudRemover.This software is not free or trial, and each commercial version is encrypted with HUID (Hardware Unique Id encryption), and the program will run only on a single computer machine.Let’s talk about the two methods each: First method: we see that the iPhone in “lock state” communicate with apple servers and we intercept the queries and communication protocol and clone the apple server responses.Here we deal with AES encryption Key chain, our program uses the GPU technology to decrypt faster, the packet’s.The authentification apple module is cloned on our localhost webserver.You can see bellow the requests: bypass icloud To understand better the protocol please look at the image bellow: wireless_security1 Without the cloned protocol the iPhone will communicate with: The second method was first developed by one specialist from gadgetwide and we update it. This method requires to have the key files and the iphone backup software (firmware) extracted from a DFU mode recovery, our program search the itunes apple default folder and rewrite the key’s, the file needed are: files The software decodes the iCloud lock first with the file method, if the files are not found, the wifi AES cloned request decrypt is used, and this give us 100% success rate.For this iCloud unlock, you dont need to exploit the bootrom, to open the phone case, to insert r-sim, x-sim or others, the software work with sim inserted or without sim.The program make on host computer two modiffication only: install webservice and write a line on host file with apple DNS and credentials. Commercial Informations: First we have only ten unlock version for business service centers, we dont provide one time unlock or remote unlock . You can preorder the iCloudRemover software version 1.0.2, the delivery time of this program is from 12 hours to 24 hours from the order time.In this time interval we will send an email to you with a Unique Hardware ID Key Generator, the generated key will be sent to our email and based on your key we will make your license file and the particular encryption. iCloudRemoverHUID You can use this program for 10 apple devices, after that the program will request a new license file and you will have to re-order it. Price for 10 device unlock is 142 USD dollars. The full commercial version with unlimited unlock tries, the source code and the encrypt-decrypt documentation is avaible. Terms and conditions for pre-order: Delivery time: 12 hours to 24, in this time interval we will receive the key generator and you must provide to our email the generated key. After we will send to your email address your personalised license and software. If you don’t agree with this terms and conditions please don’t order. For the moment we dont accept anymore PayPal ! Only Western Union ! If you are unsatisfied about how the software work we will give you in 15 day’s your money back. For order details contact: Program features: - unlock icloud account and let you insert a new one; - remove find my phone option (disable); - you can upgrade the iOS in future with your existent apple account; - create new face talk account; - remove network lock on all iOS 7.0.4 > 7.1.X large-ordernow Requirements: CPU: Intel 4 2,4 minimum Memory: 2Gb minimum GPU: all video cards supported HDD: 500Mb free space Wifi Card O.S: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 32/64 We dont have support for one unlock version, demo or trial, only 10 unlock. Support: Now iOS can customized, all version snd 7.1.X for iCloud unlock ! Part 1 Part 2 Make your own GSM Service at home ! Apple upgrade his update recovery iOS to 7.1.X… We will try to inject custom firmware in 7.1 to bypass iCloud Unlock Manual restore with version bellow to 7.1 will fail ! ERROR 3000 – 3100 … We test today on a 4S in recovery mode. The phone doesnt have a firmware on, is empty only the iTunes connect message… First let try to install (recovery) with 7.0.4 firmware This will work faster on a i5 or i7 CPU… this is a core 2 I tell you When the iTunes finish the download you dissconect the phone !!!! If you dont remove the usb data cable the iPhone go on 7.1.X !!!! We just make this to obtain the official release (download iOS 7.1.X) Dont forget..the iPhone must be in DFU mode to do this ! You can use all firmware that you want to inject in 7.1.X but the phone must support it. To bypass/unlock iCloud and find my phone you must customize your firmware.. In 2 minutes i will remove the iPhone from USB ! wait…wait… iPhone removed ! Dont try this with iPhone connected ! Use iCloudRemover Software from ! If you dont know about recovery and End of Part 1 Now we start Part 2 We now must to get solved the apple TLSV1 encrypted message request Must deal and get a right Handshake Message Encrypted to > “Done” For this the apple system must view that the iOS is the latest We will inject only a part of FW (firmware) I haved rename the custom firmware to the latest release (058-4365-001) and dont forget the extension “.dmg” Atention ! If you dont customize the firmware this will wont work !!!!!!! Get a SSD to work faster After i will inject the custom dmg file the exension of iOS 7.1.X must be set back to ipsw from zip.. We dont deal with baseband and the network signal is Ok. The iphone will give us a error at startup but if we press ok the iphone will start with the application menu.Then you can use it like new but without the iCloud the iCloud will never work on device Again ! Dont use this method if you dont know how to deal with it !!! Use iCloudRemover Software from !!! This is a kind of downgrade Now we have custom 7.1.X firmware Iconnect the iPhone now Wait to extract and after we will see that the firmware bypass apple TLSV1 handshake message THATS ALL !!!! THE CUSTOM IOS 7.1.X WORK !!! WE BYPASS APPLE VERIFICATION !!!! Those who order the program receive free the iOS Custom Firmware for iPhone 5.Order now and you will get iCloudRemover Software and the password for Custom Firmware. iOS_7_0_6 We support and encourage the effort of the security tester’s like iH8sn0w, without this security programmers we had nothing. Comment’s of those who have ordered iCloudRemover 1.0.2 I recently ordered the program iCloudRemover from and I saw in 2 minutes how the program unlocks locked phones icloud in front of me.I paid for this program about $ 150 but worth it! I received with the software a customized firmware for all iOS 7.1.X who can repair phones including without signal – baseband. Believe me it is the only real program in the world that decodes iCloud Lock. Congratulations Team , I recommend for remove icloud lock! Client who have ordered the software sent video to us: